CND and the Labour movement – public presentation by Daniel Blaney, vice-chair of CND, at Dagnall Street Baptist Church Hall – 8pm Wednesday 12 October 2016


There has been much research in recent years on Trident and Employment.  Daniel Blaney, a vice-chair of CND and member of the Labour Party, will discuss how concerns over job losses can be sensitively addressed.

Jeremy Corbyn became party leader with a commitment to a defence diversification plan – agreed with communities, workforce, trade unions and industries affected – for protecting skills and diversifying work so that no jobs or skills are lost.

Despite the welcome trade unions have expressed towards defence diversification, anxieties remain within the Labour movement about employment which affects developing Labour policy on Trident. The talk will cover how an anti-nuclear Labour policy on Trident and defence diversification could work.

This public presentation will be followed by St Albans CND’s Annual General Meeting at 9pm.